"TINY DUCKS"はDJ "Yoshimasa"とサウンドクリエーター"Ryoji Takahashi"とのユニットである。 2012年から活動を開始し、9月にオーストラリアの"Shabang! Records"からデビューEP"Lock On You"をリリース。 初のEPでありながら BeatportのElectro House Release Chartにて最高14位を記録。(総合チャートで57位) 同11月にはトルコのスーパースター"Utku S"のレーベル"Ventuno Recordings"からセカンドトラック 「Breakthrough」をリリース。 そしてFILTH & SPLENDOUR / SMASH & GRABのTiny Ducks Remixも続けてリリース。 2013年5月にはKID MASSIVEとTINY DUCKSの共作「SMASH IT」がマドンナやレディーガガなどの リミックスを担当して世界中で活躍する"Sultan & NedShepard"のEDITでリリースされ Beatport Progressive Houseのトラックチャートで最高42位にランクインし大きな話題となった。 「SMASH IT」は"PAUL OAKENFOLD"や"Fedde Le Grand"、"Daddy's Groove"、"Thomas Gold"、"Nari&Milani"、 "Tom Swoon"、"Starkillers"などにRadio mixで使用されるなどサポートを受けている。 TINY DUCKSは"WOMB"を始め、日本の様々なクラブでライブセットを 行い"BINGO PLAYERS"、"Wolfgang Gartner"、"Feed Me"、"KILL THE NOISE"、"Daddy's Groove "、"CROOKERS"、"TJR"、"Lucky Date"、 "Paris & Simo"、"Lazy Rich"、"Kid Massive"、"Starkillers"、"ZROQ"、"DON RIMINI"など世界のスターDJ 達の入れ替わりでアクトしている。 2014年11月には待望のファーストアルバム「JUST A STORY」をリリース。 ジャパニーズEDMシーンの大本命と評され、多くのメディアに露出し itunesやbeatportのELECTROHOUSE,PROGRESSIVE,DUBSTEP,POP/ROCKなど多くのジャンルのリリースチャートにランクインした。

Official website http://tinyducks.net/
Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/tinyducks
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/tinyducks
Youtube https://www.youtube.com/user/R135Tracks
Under the moniker TINY DUCKS, sound creator Ryoji Takahashi and long-term veteran of the decks Yoshimasa have joined forces to take the club world by storm with their unique vision and fresh approach towards electronic dance music.Ryoji's musical works are so ubiquitous that they turn up in such places as video productions for Hakone Museum of Art's 40th Anniversary, the anime "Toriko," remix work for the popular game "Final Fantasy," and the stage theme for the massive music festival Summer Sonic's art stage among many other places too numerable to list. Aside from these works, however, Ryoji is also well known for his own dance music creations, which in recent years have been consistently seeing release from big international labels. Joining him in TINY DUCKS is Yoshimasa, whose restless schedule has him racking up dozens upon dozens of gigs each year in addition to organizing events everywhere from underground clubs to Tokyo's top venues.In the beginning of 2012 they debuted together as TINY DUCKS and proved an immediate smash hit in Tokyo's club scene. Riding hot on their success in the clubs, they released their debut EP "Lock on You" from Australia's Shabang! Records. It shot to #14 on Beatport's Electro House release chart, and grabbed the rank of #57 for the combined total Beatport Top 100 chart. This was followed up in November of 2012 with their second release, this time on Turkish superstar Utku S's label Ventuno Recordings. A remix edition is also due out as a future release on Ventuno Recordings. Also in November, U.K. artist Filth & Splendor, whose releases appear on labels such as Cr2 and Armada, took notice of TINY DUCKS and presented them with a remix offer.TINY DUCKS' strong performance is by no means limited to production work and releases. With their own resident gig at Tokyo's top club WOMB, their live set has rocked stages around the country, and they've performed alongside international club music stars such as Lazy Rich, Kid Massive, and James Egbert to name a few. The wind beneath their wings is growing stronger with each performance, and it won't be long before it carries them beyond Japan's shores.

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