Takeru John Otoguro(TJO)


Takeru John Otoguro(TJO)(block.fm)

通称TJO。House, Drum&Bass, Dubstep, Indie, Jazz, Hiphop, Techno, Breakbeatsなどさまざまなジャンルを 縦横無尽にプレイするDJ。日本、イギリス、タイ人の血を引きパリに生まれる。2003年よりDJキャリアをスタート。数々のトップDJたちのパーティ への出演、日本唯一のダンス音楽専門ラジオ「block.fm」のプライムディレクター/ナビゲーターでもあり、渋谷clubasiaにてm-fo☆Taku Takahashi主催の 「Block Party」、「Ray-Van」や渋谷WOMBの「インターギャラクティック」でレジデントをつとめ、数々のパーティで活躍。2013年、 Earth, Wind & Fireの名曲「Let's Groove (TJO & YUSUKE from BLU-SWING Remix)」をオフィシャルで手掛ける。 http://tjodj.com/ Also known as TJO, Takeru John Otoguro fills his DJ bag and sets with the best in House, Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Indie, Jazz, Hip Hop, Techno, and Breakbeat music. Born in Paris and with blood from Japan, United Kingdom and Thailand, TJO started his DJ career in 2003 and has since played alongside the top international DJs. He is also the director and one of the main host at block.fm, Japan's first online radio fully dedicated to Dance Music culture. He is a resident DJ at m-flo's Taku Takahashi's popular "Block Party" events, at the "Ray-Van" parties in Club Asia, and at the "Intergalactic" events held at Womb in Tokyo. Catch more information about TJO at http://tjodj.com/